Security Affairs newsletter Round 253

A new round of the weekly newsletter arrived! The best news of the week with Security Affairs

Google sued by New Mexico attorney general for
collecting student data through its Education Platform

ISS reveals malware attack impacted parts of the IT

ObliqueRAT, a new malware employed in attacks on
government targets in Southeast Asia

FBI recommends using passphrases instead of complex

FireEye Mandiant M-Trends 2020 report: 500+ new
Malware strains in 2019

malware v2 February 2020

Raccoon Malware, a success case in the cybercrime

Slickwraps discloses data leak that impacted 850,000
user accounts

Decathlon Spain data leak exposed Spanish employees’
data & more

European Commission has chosen the Signal app to
secure its communications

Experts discovered a new critical OpenSMTPD RCE flaw
exploited in the wild

Google fixes Chrome zero-day flaw exploited in the

Hacking campaign targets sites running popular
Duplicator WordPress plugin

South Korea suffers from the spread of people
infected with Corona 19

Zyxel addresses Zero-Day vulnerability in NAS

Fbot re-emerged, the backstage

Kr00k Wi-Fi Encryption flaw affects more than a
billion devices

New Cyber Attack Campaign Leverages the COVID-19

Reading Municipal Light Department, an electric
utility in Massachusetts, hit by ransomware

Samsung leaked data of a few UK Customers

Silence Hacking Crew threatens Australian banks of
DDoS attacks

Data on Detection of Malicious Documents in Gmail are

Facial recognition firm Clearview AI reveals
intruders stole its client list

Hunting the coronavirus in the dark web

Lampion malware origin servers geolocated in Turkey

New strain of Cerberus Android banking trojan can
steal Google Authenticator codes

SQL Dump from popular Indian BGR tech site leaked

Threat actors scan Internet for Vulnerable Microsoft
Exchange Servers

All versions of Apache Tomcat are affected by the
Ghostcat flaw

Cisco addresses vulnerabilities in FXOS, UCS Manager
and NX-OS Software

NRC Health health care company hit with ransomware

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram blocked in Turkey
as Idlib military crisis escalates

Which are the most dangerous mobile app stores

Crooks are attempting to take over tens of thousands
of WordPress sites

Sodinokibi Ransomware gang threatens to disclose
data from Kenneth Cole fashion firm
US Railroad firm RailWorks discloses a data breach after a ransomware attack

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