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0patch will provide micropatches for Windows 7 and Server 2008 after EoS
Critical flaws affect Jira Service Desk and Jira
Service Desk Data Center

Facebook suspends tens of thousands of apps from
hundreds of developers

Campbell County Memorial Hospital in Wyoming hit by
ransomware attack

Portugues hacker faces hundreds of Charges in
Football Leaks case

Portuguese hacker faces hundreds of Charges in
Football Leaks case

Privilege Escalation flaw found in Forcepoint VPN
Client for Windows

Thinkful forces a password reset for all users after
a data breach

TortoiseShell Group targets IT Providers in supply
chain attacks

A new Fancy Bear backdoor used to target political

APT or not APT? Whats Behind the Aggah Campaign

Hacker discloses details and PoC exploit code for
unpatched 0Day in vBulletin

Microsoft released an out-of-band patch to fix
Zero-day flaw exploited in the wild

North Korea-linked malware ATMDtrack infected ATMs
in India

Adobe Patches two critical vulnerabilities in

Czech Intelligence ‘s report attributes major cyber
attack to China

Heyyo dating app left its users data exposed online

US Utilities Targeted with LookBack RAT in a new
phishing campaign

Airbus suppliers were hit by four major attack in
the last 12 months

Botnet exploits recent vBulletin flaw to protect its

Emsisoft releases a free decryptor for the
WannaCryFake ransomware

Study shows connections between 2000 malware samples
used by Russian APT groups

USBsamurai for Dummies: How To Make a Malicious USB
Implant & Bypass Air-Gapped Environments for 10$. The Dumb-Proof Guide.

Checkm8: unpatchable iOS exploit could lead to
permanent jailbreak for iOS devices running A5 to A11 chips

DoorDash Data Breach exposes data of approximately 5
million users

Emsisoft released a new free decryption tool for the
Avest ransomware

Magecart 5 hacker group targets L7 Routers

After SIMJacker, WIBattack hacking technique
disclosed. Billions of users at risk

German police arrest suspects in raid network
hosting Darknet marketplaces

Malware-based attacks disrupted operations of
Rheinmetall AG and Defence Construction Canada

Nodersok malware delivery campaign relies on
advanced techniques

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