Good Cybersecurity intends for 2019

Cybersecurity is hot

..and everybody will have good intends for 2019. I do. Since my retrospective of 2018 showed that i was doing things not always what I wanted to do. Business wise, cybersecurity wise and personal neither.

So; I have scheduled time in my (daily) calendar for writing and sharing information and thoughts. Starting now.
Since Cybersecurity is hotter then ever! Where’re overwhelmed of new technologies and challenges from AI, Machine Learning, online cash, crypto and Blockchain.

A large amount of these have already entered in our lives, visible and invisible. Is it working? Are there concerns? (yes: always!)

As of today my weekly column will address these concerns and my notes. But.. when you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask for my opinion.

And if you want to share your thoughts and opinion: send an email to the info address of this website. –> Do it!

`writing again