Crowdfund site facilitates the collaboration between Hospitals and 3D printer owners

Crowdfund site, initiated by several volunteers to provide a platform for Hospitals and 3D printer owners to produce new protection equipment. The world is in a battle against the coronavirus and the hospitals requires more plastic supplies than current available.

Enough reason for some developpers and IT-guys to build a Website and an App to create collaboration between these teams. Companies like Mailchimp offered their support and the first Hospitals have registrated already.

There’s a high demand Faceshields, they are easy to produce with existing 3d print technology, requiring afterwards the validated filters. But also respirators have parts that need to be replaced. These parts are hard to get a hold on fast in times of crisis.

Medic supplies via

With OpenSource designs and this crowdfund website the request and print facilities can be connected. Rapid demand needs rapid delivery. Thats why in Paris the team also approaches medics to get the supplies delivered as well.

Paris is in lockdown, but this doesn’t the team at all. In a chat session with them via Slack they announced multi language packages as well to make the website and App available for other countries as well.

A very sympatric initiative what deserves to be supported.